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The power of the mind-body connection in helping to control your health is astounding. Through our own personal journeys with meditation and alternative therapies, we have discovered the effects to be positive and limitless. We can't wait to share the experience with you.

At Shoreline Alternative Therapies, we offer an array of services to encourage and advance your inner balance and improve your immunities naturally. Explore our menu of treatments and alternative therapies and let us guide you on your journey to a more balanced life.


Amy &

We are two dedicated healthcare professionals who have over 45 years of combined experience working in hospitals, outpatient centers, skilled nursing facilities, and schools. After seeing the positive and limitless effects of meditation and other therapies in our own lives, we decided to join hands in an effort to help others find inner peace and balance. 


We have Connecticut's only Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Bed.

Our handmade, customized Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Bed is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Designed to enhance your sense of vitality, this experience combines music, water, and vibration to help improve your cellular health.


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