Amy Platt, Owner




I am the mother of three wonderful children and have been married since 2000. In my spare time, I enjoy sporting events with our children and I have a passion for teaching others how to eat, cook healthy meals and develop recipes. I love humor and also enjoy running, especially when my kids remind me to try and keep up with them :)


My passion for healthcare, as a career, began after I had received my own treatment for back pain and went for Physical Therapy as a teen. I attended the University of Hartford and graduated in 1999, with a Physical Therapy degree. Due to the strong interest that I continued to have in the medical field, I decided to pursue my education further and graduated with a nursing degree as well, in 2001. I am also a Hypnotherapist certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists. This combination of education has allowed me to understand the many aspects of patient care and assist in improving one's overall quality of life. 


I have worked in Home and Hospice Care for over 15 years, which was a true love of mine. When my children all became school age, I decided to return to the outpatient Physical Therapy world. I elected to pursue a certification in a specialty rehabilitation program called LSVT BIG. This program was designed to provide specific rehabilitation for those who have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. In 2015, I introduced this program to the shoreline outpatient community at my husband's privately owned physical Therapy practice in Guilford. I also developed and implemented another program called Better Balance in 2016. 

I pursued an additional certification as a Dementia Practitioner from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. It was at this time, that I brought this work into my own private consulting business, called Infinite Care Coordination. The services I provided were personalized in-home consultations with wellness plans for patients and their families. 

In 2017, I became a part-time Director and Consultant for a caregiver agency, providing consultations on how to improve care and educating staff and families on an individual care plan.


My focus began to shift a few years ago when I became interested in alternative therapies and Chinese medicine, after frustration with my own asthmatic medical history. I had been a long-time sufferer of Asthma since the age of five and non-pharmacological options were tough to find. I also experienced many years of anaphylactic food allergies with my son since birth which, as a result, left him with severe anxieties related to food. My education has continued seeking multiple, evidence-based, alternative therapy certifications with successful outcome interventions. 

My specific focus has been accessing the power of the mind-heart-body connection in order to help control breath and maximize optimal health and peak performance. I am grateful for all of my family and friends that I have been able to work with and have supported me on this journey.

Since 2016, I have attained the following:

Heartmath Professional Practitioner Certification; Neurofeedback Practitioner; Emei Qigong Level 2 Practitioner; Vibroacoustic education in NYC; Hypnotherapist; Tai Ji Quan Certified Instructor, Certified Cupping Therapist, Meditation Instructor, Auriculotherapist; 6-month clinical certification for licensed healthcare professionals involving oriental medicine, meridian therapy and acupuncture, NADA acupuncture certified, Y4c trained and certified, Facial Multireflexologist