Acupressure Energy Balancing

$160 / 60 min (full body evaluation)

Acupressure energy balancing helps to remove blockages, assist in opening energy channels and aids in rebalancing throughout the body. With regular acupressure sessions, we have been very successful in helping to improve and alleviate the following:

  • Less pain in both neck and back regions

  • Overall decrease in nausea and/or stomach aches and GI disturbances

  • Less anxiety and fatigue

  • Improvements in sleep quality

  • Decrease in headache frequency and sinus congestion

  • Rebalancing of hot/cold circulation sensing

  • Normalizing blood pressure 

  • Improvements with breathing and coping with anxiety

  • Boosting immunities 

Qigong Sacred Soul Series

$200 / 75 min (Session 1)
$160 / 60 min (Sessions 2-5)
Complimentary 60 min Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy bed treatmenT (Session 6) 

This is a series of 6 sessions that will undoubtedly be transformational for the mind-body-heart connection.

This centering and grounding series of treatments is very beneficial to those who may suffer from chronic pain, seek to improve sleep quality, those who may feel “stuck” or stagnant, those who desire improvements in workplace performance, or are in need of improvements in athletic performance.

This series also encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine parameters to help relieve stagnation, promoting healing and transform and expand how our bodies process and experience information.

After 20 plus years of working in Healthcare and Hospice, our advanced healthcare practitioners are highly skilled in understanding the connections in which our body experiences that may hold and cradle us, in certain places throughout our lives.

We invite you to take presence in this 6 session journey to actively learn how to nourish your body and mind, and to allow for unlimited future health and happiness. This will be an awakening experience that will dive into unleashing your inner soul creativity and beyond.

*6 sessions are recommended to be experienced 7-10 days apart. Sessions 1-5 can be in either Guilford or Wallingford locations. Session 6 will need to be in our Guilford location. All sessions are 1:1.

  • The first session will be 75 min to allow for evaluation, introduction into treatment and teaching about mind-heart-body-connections. A complimentary ear seeding is included in this session.

  • Sessions 2-3 will be 60 min and will incorporate gentle energy touch, heart rate coherence biofeedback training and breathwork components.

  • Session 4-5 will introduce simple yoga flow movements and self acupressure areas to allow for carryover into ones daily life. An additional complimentary ear seeding treatment will be included with either session 4 or 5.

  • Our 6th treatment is a COMPLIMENTARY amazing 60 min session on our Vibroacoustic liquid sound bed, in which you will experience inner peace, tranquility and soul sealing. 

*Due to program popularity we are now offering expansion into introduction to Tai Chi post 6 sessions. Sessions are private 1:1, individualized and can be with sitting or standing exercise.

  • $75/45 min

Cupping Therapy

$75 / 30 mins (2-3 areas addressed)

Cupping can be an added service to either Acupressure or Qigong sessions. In addition to Amy working as a Physical Therapist, Registered Nurse and successfully evaluating the body independently for almost 20 years, Amy is also a Certified Cupping Therapist.

We provide unique treatments blending Western and Eastern medicine to evaluate the body as a whole.

Cupping is a type of alternative medicine, which involves the process of applying a glass cup (sometimes with heat), silicone cup, or at times magnetic cups to the body. It is a process by which stagnation can be removed from the body making one feel more balanced, cleansed, and energized. Cupping therapy helps to alleviate pain, edema, improve function, smooth skin and can reduce cellulite appearance over time (on legs, buttocks and abdomen), with consistent treatments.

We perform dry cupping therapy, biomagnetic, gliding and dynamic cupping treatments and many times infuse Infrared light therapy, acupressure and reflexology into treatments for total body wellness.

Refer to our Q&A section for more frequently asked questions on cupping.

Benefits of energy-based therapies include:

  • Improvement with immunities

  • Aides in decreasing sinus pressure and TMJ discomfort

  • Decrease in fluid retention

  • Decrease in congestion

  • Decrease muscle tension

  • Increasing range of motion and improvements in function

  • Decreasing pain

  • Increasing endorphin release

  • Aides in digestion improvements

  • Decrease in anxiety symptoms

  • Improvements in sleep quality

  • Restoring ones balance

  • Increase in energy and focus

  • Improvements with circulation

  • Removes stagnation and facilitates energy flow and chi


$70 / 30 mins

Reiki is a type of alternative healing process that works with energy. It’s the life force of energy, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Together these aspects help to promote positive intention thus leading to a happier lifestyle.

Reiki has been known to clear your mind and soul from mental and emotional toxins and aide in helping to facilitate calm by freeing blockages. You are fully clothed during a Reiki session and lie on a massage table. During the session, the therapist gently presses her hands on each energy center on the body.

Reiki has been found to decrease anxiety and stress, pain, headaches, and inflammation. It also helps with easing depression and improving sleep as well as eating and restlessness.

Reiki helps to facilitate a feeling of relaxation, peace and contentment. It has also been proven to improve focus and clarity and decrease the side effects of medical treatments such as Chemotherapy.

We accept cash or credit card payments. Please note that full payment is due on the day of service.




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