Gabriella Connolly, Owner




I’m a working mother of three children and have been married for since 2002. I enjoy watching my kids play sports, being with my family and my amazing group of friends, vacationing at the beach, and cooking. My career in Healthcare began in 1993.  It started with an Associate's Degree in Health Science, which then sparked my passion for nursing. I continued my education to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Southern Connecticut State University.  At this time, I began working in a hospital setting and was there for 10 years.

My Journey

I later began searching for a change, a new challenge, and I was led to the path of Homecare. I launched my career as a skilled nurse and was quickly drawn to the Community Nursing side of Homecare. This opportunity allowed me to be part of Wellness and Prevention education programs. Within the scope of Community Nursing, I realized the need for further education and alternative methods of treatment.

I’ve been part of a Fall Prevention program since 2009.  As part of this program, I can perform balance testing (Tinetti’s). I became certified in Tai Chi for Arthritis in 2014 and Tai Chi for Better Balance in 2016. I’m also certified in Dementia Training/Education by the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter (2016).

Continuing The Path To Health & Balance

Soon my search for new tools to maintain a balanced healthy life began. In looking for an alternative approach to treat the symptoms of dementia, I became involved in cognitive training, which includes memory retention, brain basics and its functions, and various forms of Meditation to promote brain focus. I’ve been able to use meditation both in a community setting, as well as in my personal life. Meditation has supported me through stressful times in life, such as the death of my father, my daughter's knee surgery and the general stress of everyday life. It has helped me maintain a higher quality of balance in my life.

Other certifications

Certification in Mediation, Reiki Practitioner, Certification in Music Therapy and Sound Healing, Neurofeedback Practitioner, and Vibroacoustic education in NYC; Tai Ji Quan Certified Instructor, Y4c trained and certified, Facial Multireflexologist