How Do I pay for a service?

We accept credit card, check or cash for payment. Please note that full payment is due on the day of service.


Do you take insurance?

Most health insurance companies, at this time, do not cover QEEG, Neurofeedback, etc. However, we do offer bundle packages if you pay in full. These are non-refundable and need to be used within a three-month timeframe. Please inquire if you would like to discuss this further.


Do you accept walk-ins?

At this time, all services are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact us.


Who is not AN appropriate CANDIDATE FOR OUR SERVICES? 

People with uncontrolled anxiety or depression, suicidal thoughts, seizure disorders and those who have pacemakers or defibrillators are not appropriate candidates. It should be noted that if determined during our 20 minute in person free consultation, we feel you would be better suited with another healthcare professional team, we will discuss this with you and help with this process as best we can. 


What is heart rate variability training?

Heart rate variability (HRV) training measures your heart rate and the variations in between heartbeats. HRV allows us to evaluate how stress affects you, and how well your body recovers from it, so we can determine which training techniques will be best for you. If a session involves HRV training, wwe will attach a monitor to your finger, that is also attached to a computer. It is not painful or invasive at all. HRV training also provides you with a visual on our computer of how your body responds and recovers and helps improve greater awareness of inner reflection.



What is meditation?

Meditation connects us with our true self and helps with clarity in one's life. With our classes we work with you to purify your attention. Meditation has been around for many, many years. There are many different forms of meditation, most of which started to become popular in the 60’s and 70’s. 


What can you hope to achieve with meditation?

There are so many ways that meditation can help improve your life. By decreasing your stress, you will automatically improve your health with regular practice. There are thousands of articles which show the benefits of meditation and provide a direct correlation with improving health, decreasing anxiety and improving depression. To view research articles on meditation, click here.


Is there only one position that is right to meditate in?

As long as your posture is good during meditation that is all that matters. There are a variety of ways that we will teach you within our classes that may incorporate sitting, standing, lying down or moving.


How do I learn to meditate?

The first step would be to enroll in our introduction to meditation class and then continue with our four-class series for continual practice and teachings. 



What is hypnosis?

For the purpose of our office, hypnosis is a 1:1 session that involves a deep and total relaxed attentive form of concentration. It allows for improved ability to access certain parts of the mind. The client is very comfortable and is seated throughout the session with their eyes closed. The client is fully aware of what is going on while communicating when needed. This is a completely natural process and you are not asleep. Hypnosis helps to change unfavorable patterns into healthier ones. 

Everyone has had experience with a form of hypnosis even if they have not seen a professional. Each day we experience being hypnotized while staring at something, reading the mail, while driving, watching or playing video games on electronics..


Is hypnosis painful or invasive?

No, it is not painful or invasive at all.


How long has hypnosis been around?

Hypnosis has been reported as early as 3,000 B.C. It is very common in European countries and is widely used to help treat medical conditions. 


Does Hypnosis work?

Yes, it does! Although, hypnosis requires 100 percent participation with the hypnotherapist.


How many sessions of Hypnotherapy do I need to help with my weight loss or anxiety and stress reduction?

This is individually based and discussed upon and after your first session is completed. 


Will I lose control of my body or tell secrets with hypnosis?

No, absolutely not. Your subconscious mind will not allow you to do or say anything that is against your values or beliefs. 


Can a person be hypnotized even if they do not want to?

No. In order for change to occur, the client must cooperate 100 percent. 


Has a person ever gotten stuck in hypnosis?

No, this has never occurred. You have full control of your mind and body and can come out of hypnosis whenever you want. 


Does it matter if hypnosis occurs with a strong or weak minded person?

No, all that matters is that there is cooperation. 


Is there an age limit to who can be hypnotized?

No. However, for the purpose of our practice, we are currently seeing clients ages 18 or older.


Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone who is able to follow instructions and commit to the experience can be hypnotized.


Can hypnosis cure?

Hypnosis is a tool used by a qualified professional to help create positive shifts and change.


What types of conditions can be treated?

There are so many conditions that can be treated with hypnosis. However, at Shoreline Neurofeedback and Alternative Therapies we have chosen currently to focus on a few areas. Please click here to learn more about our Hypnotherapy Service.


Qeeg & Neurofeedback

What is a QEEG?

A QEEG is a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (also called a brain map). The QEEG looks at brain waves and it compares them to a database of other brain maps. The QEEG must be done in order to receive any Neurofeedback treatment, as it serves as a guide for the treatment. It involves wearing a cap with 19 sensors. The total time for the visit (includes set-up, qEEG and discussion) will be approximately 60 minutes. 


What types of clients do you see?

For the purpose of our office, we see the adult population (anyone from 18-100 plus). We work with people who have had anxiety, headaches, problems with sleep, and those who seek improved focus and attention in the workplace or with athletics.


Are there any special preparation requirements for a QEEG or Neurofeedback treatment?

You should not have any caffeine or energy drink beverages prior to a QEEG or Neurofeedback treatment. You should also not use any conditioner in your hair day on the day of your treatment.


Once a QEEG is performed, what happens next?

After analyzing the QEEG, we will work with you to put forth a protocol that may help your symptoms. We will then schedule an appointment with you in a week or so to review your results. 


How long do Neurofeedback sessions take?

Neurofeedback sessions take on average of 30 minutes. You are relaxed in a chair and sometimes reclined and you may watch a video on a screen. Neurofeedback, after guidance from the QEEG, assists in helping to create better balance and focus.


Do Neurofeedback treatments always need to be followed after a QEEG? 

It is recommended. However, there are many other alternative options that we offer.


Will Neurofeedback change who I am and my personality?

No. The sessions in our office are designed to assist your brain in improving communication, resulting in the ability to stay more balanced. With treatments, the brain starts to focus more naturally.


What do people report after Neurofeedback sessions?

Most people report feeling calmer with improved focus and clarity to deal with situations.


When will I notice a difference or change? 

Some report a change after the first session, while others may take 6 -10 sessions, 2x per week to notice a change.


Once I am finished with Neurofeedback, will I ever need treatment again?

Not usually but occasionally people opt to come in for a 'tune-up.'


Why do you do a remap after 12-15 sessions?

We remap to compare and determine progress and if further treatment is needed.


By doing Neurofeedback, does this mean I CAN stop my medications?

No. We always encourage you to continue with the medications that your physician has prescribed. You should discuss tapering medications with your doctor if they feel it is appropriate.


What side effects, if any, may I experience?

Occasionally, some people may feel tired.


ARE Neurofeedback and Biofeedback the same?

No. Biofeedback is used to work with heart rate, blood pressure and other things. We do work with a form of Biofeedback with our Heart Math system, which has demonstrated amazing results. 



Can Reiki cause harm?

No, because Reiki is guided by spiritual energy that can never do harm. When Reiki is given it knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create an effect that is appropriate.

Can Reiki work along with medical care?

Yes. Reiki works in combination with all kinds of medical and psychological care. Reiki is offered in over 800 hospitals across the U.S. including here in Connecticut. A research study at Hartford Hospital indicates that, “Reiki improved patient sleep by 86 percent, reduced pain by 78 percent, reduced nausea by 80 percent, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94 percent.”

What are Meridians?

The meridians are pathways through which energy flows within the physical body. Each meridian is usually associated with an organ or system of the body.

Does Reiki always require hands-on?

No. Reiki can be directed using hand positions several inches away from the body intuitively guided.


Cupping Therapy

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is a type of alternative medicine, which involves the process of applying a glass cup (sometimes with heat), silicone cup, or at times magnetic cups to the body. It is a process by which stagnation can be removed from the body making one feel more balanced, cleansed, and energized.

What can cupping do?

Cupping therapy helps alleviate pain, edema, improve function, smooth skin and can reduce cellulite appearance over time (on legs and buttocks and abdomen), with consistent treatments. Cupping also aides in assisting to improve immunities, reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality, digestion, ease anxiety and depression symptoms, and reduce fatigue.

What is a Certified Cupping Therapist?

This is a licensed healthcare professional that has taken and completed special educational requirements to perform cupping therapy safely.

What specific conditions can cupping therapy help address?

Helps with sleep and relaxation
Used when one feels unbalanced
Improvement with immunities and energy levels
Improves circulation
Sciatica and/or piriformis syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
ITB syndrome
Allergies and chronic sinusitis
Headaches (non concussive)
Digestion problems
Adhesive Capsulitis
Poor posture
Tightness in hamstring, calf and/or hip flexors
Stiffness and pain
Shin splints
Low back discomfort
Forearm and elbow complaints

How long has cupping been around?

Chinese have been using cupping therapy since around 300AD.


Does cupping therapy hurt?

Cupping therapy does not hurt. You may feel pressure with your skin.


What do people say about these treatments?

People love the art of cupping. Most often they often are excited about another session and request other areas of their body to be addressed as well. People report feeling relaxed and relief in many areas where they may have felt pain, energy or discomfort.


If I receive a cupping therapy treatment and have circular marks on my body is that bruising?

No. A bruise is a contusion where you have direct impact with something. Certain types of cupping can often times leave marks on your body that are rarely uncomfortable. Patients generally don’t even have an awareness or sensation that there is any marking after each visit. If marks are present they fading time varies. They can disappear in a few hours, days or sometimes may take up to 2-3 weeks.


How long is a cupping therapy session?

This depends on how many body parts are being addressed. Most often treatments last between 30-60 minutes depending on how many areas are being worked on with the body.


Are there any contraindications to cupping therapy?

If you have a history of Hemophilia, bleeding disorders, slipped disc (cupping will not be performed directly over these areas), or active infections on the skin. It is also contraindicated with hernias, dislocations, burns, certain sprains, tendon rupture, bleeding and acute injuries. Cupping therapy will not be performed on the abdomen if you are pregnant. Cupping therapy will not be performed over any fractured areas or open wounds. Cupping will not be performed on a surgical site until 8-12 weeks post op and/or cleared by a physician.


How many treatments are recommended?

Each patient is individually evaluated and a specific time frame and treatment frequency will be discussed during the first visit. Each treatment is custom designed to meet individual needs. Some visit weekly while others feel after a session or two they can revisit cupping monthly.


Do I have to do anything after my treatments with my practitioner?

Yes. You should drink plenty of fluids before and after sessions. You should also reduce sugars and excess carbs to receive optimal benefit of treatment sessions.


Should I stop seeing my doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist if I decide to do cupping?

No. Continue to see the practitioners that you feel you are receiving the best benefits from.


Auricular Ear Acupuncture & Seeding

Does Auricular Ear seeding or beads hurt?

No. It is a simple and effective procedure where specific ear acupoints are chosen to help stimulate meridian pathways within your body.

How long do the beads and seeds stay on?

They can stay on for up to 4 or so days as long as they are not irritating your ears or bothering you if you are a side sleeper at night in bed. 

Can I shower with the ear needs and seeds? 

Yes. You may shower with beads and seeds and let them dry naturally. 

Does Ear acupuncture hurt?

You may feel a light pinch when the needles are going in but as soon as they are in there is no pain.

Are the needles sterile and a one time use?

Yes. The needles are sterile and a one time use.

How long is a session of NADA ear acupuncture treatment?

A session is usually 30-45 minutes.

Is this a stand alone treatment.

No. We most often combine Auricular ear acupuncture with one of our other therapies.

Will my ear bleed?

At times there may be a few small drops of blood.

Can anyone do Ear seeding and Acupuncture.

No. For the purpose of our office we do not perform this on anyone who has a pacemaker or is pregnant.

If I feel better from these treatments should I stop seeing my doctor and alter my medication?

No. Always speak to your physician directly before altering any medications that are prescribed.

How many treatments of Auricular ear acupuncture will I need per week and for how long?

Generally, you may need on average anywhere from 1-3 x per week. The specific amount of time that will be needed will be determined with your consultation.

How will I feel with Auricular Acupuncture?

Most often people report an amazing sense of calm and relaxation. They also have reported better sleep, appetite control and decreased GI distress.

Who performs the acupuncture and are they a licensed acupuncturist?

A specially trained medical professional who has a specific healthcare license and is a certified as a ADS (acupuncture detoxification specialist), performs the treatment. In our office, we do not have licensed acupuncturists. Certain medical professionals that have healthcare licenses are allowed to perform these specific treatments under the NADA certification guidelines. 


Detox Body Wraps

Is there an age limit with the body detox wraps?

Generally we wrap anyone from the age of 18 and over. On some occasions we may perform these on adolescents younger than 18, but that is determined on a consultation basis. 

Is this permanent?

Yes. The process of Thermolypolysis is permanent. It is not just water you are loosing, but also flushing away fat cells and toxins out of your lymphatic system. 

What is the difference between this heat and heat from the sun?

Our infrared detox wraps are different in that this heat is 7 x deeper and the body is warmed from the inside out. When targeting specific areas such as the abdomen, thighs or arms we use special solutions to help with this detoxification process. We combined with our foot detox which leaves your feet and heels feeling cleansed and soft as butter.

Will this stimulate my metabolism?

Yes. Your metabolism will be stimulate for up to 36 hours after each wrap. This treatment is a great jump start to any weight loss regimen. 

Should I avoid drinking water before and after my wrap?

No. Drink water as you normally would before the treatment and you also want to replenish some of the fluid that you lost after the treatment.

Can I use this in combination with a diet program?

Yes! Many of our existing patients use this as a natural means to help cleanse and detoxify with a healthier diet regimen.

How much weight will I loose?

Generally anywhere from 1-5 pounds per wrap depending on your diet and exercises regimen post detox wrap sessions. 

How will I feel during the wrap?

You will feel warm. Temperatures are adjusted according to tolerance and a fan is provided for your comfort. 

Who performs the detox body wrap sessions?

Licensed Healthcare professionals that are Nurse and a Physical Therapist and have had specific training.

How often should I have body detox treatment?

It is recommended 2 x per week for two-three weeks to help jump start your lymphatic system, detoxify and assist with metabolism and improving energy levels. Thereafter, usually 2x per month to help maintain. You will also begin to understand your body and how well it responds to such treatments after each detox session and know when to contact us for further treatments as time goes on.

What do I wear?

You need to wear either yoga pants or thinner sweatpants that cover the ankles, a long sleeve t-shirt and socks. You can also bring a towel. You are fully clothed and only the areas you have identified that you would like to target are exposed while the natural vegan solutions are being applied. 

How long is each treatment session?

On average anywhere from 30-50 min depending on treatment goals. 

Can I exercise after this treatment?

Yes you may exercise after this treatment. These sessions assist in burning calories and can be equivalent to up to a 30 min cardio workout. 

Who isn’t appropriate for these treatments?

People that should not have these treatments are the following: very high or very low blood pressure, vascular problems and varicose veins, pregnancy, pacemakers, history of blood clots, active cancer, heart or circulation issues, infectious disease, sensitive to heat, epilepsy, open wounds, skin rashes, numbness, or excessive edema. 

Will my entire body be exposed during the treatment?

Your body is wrapped. However, your head and top of your chest and shoulders are not. You also can take out your arms and move them freely if needed. 

Who should try this treatment?

Anyone with the following: Chronic joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, premenstrual or post menopausal sluggishness and bloating, pre and or post vacation, when an event is near and trying to look your best, pre workout for added metabolism boost effects, when weight loss and a decrease in body fat is sought after, when one needs to stimulate the lymphatic system, when you are feeling fatigued and seeking increased energy, seeking cellulite reduction and toning effects, post chemotherapy or gastric bypass, and/or for improvement in sleep patterns.