Qeeg/Brain Mapping

Brain Map $650

Remap (after 12-15 sessions) $400

It is a painless, non-invasive procedure in which you have a cap placed on your head with 19 sensors. QEEG shows areas where there may be too much or too little activity with your brain waves and areas that may not be communicating as effectively as they could.

During a QEEG assessment, we gather data from the sensors on the cap that are also attached to a computer as you sit, and at times, will be comfortably reclined. You should allow one hour for set-up, QEEG mapping and discussion. After the session is over, we will schedule an appointment within approximately one week to discuss the results and options for you.

A QEEG must be done in order to receive Neurofeedback treatment as this brain map serves as an outline for you and your patterns.

We have had extensive training and analyze all of our own QEEGs. An EEG (Electroencephalogram) measures the brain's electrical activity and function, similar to a heart rate monitor, which records heart rate. At our office we perform a 3D brain map or QEEG. This allows us to see EEG images of brainwave patterns and gives us moment-to-moment information about your brain in real-time.

We analyze all of our own data. After approximately 12-15 sessions, we can perform a QEEG remap if needed to compare and determine if further treatment sessions are needed.

A QEEG is a fascinating process that allows for measurement and validation of the basics of how you feel and function. All of our treatments are 1:1.

*QEEG and Neurofeedback does not diagnose, however, it allows the ability to compare certain brain wave patterns against statistical measures, identifying areas of muscle tension, etc. 

  • No caffeine, energy drink beverages, or alcohol should be consumed prior to a QEEG or Neurofeedback session. 

  • Hair conditioner should also not be used prior to each visit. 

  • Contact lenses will need to be removed during the QEEG Brain Mapping Session.

QEEG/brain mapping assessment must be done in order to receive Neurofeedback treatments. QEEG serves as a guide for Neurofeedback treatments or other alternative therapeutic treatments. It should be noted that a QEEG can be done alone and Neurofeedback treatments do not have to be done after every QEEG. Please visit our services page to explore other options.

For your first brain map, please plan to allow for 60 minutes. In one to two weeks we will provide a scheduled, 20-minute, in person consultation. A remap is suggested after completing 12-15 sessions to determine progress and need.

**Contraindications: seizures, pacemakers, recent psychotic episodes, uncontrolled depression or suicidal thoughts 

We accept cash or credit card payments. Please note that full payment is due on the day of service.




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