My goal was not solely to lose weight. I wanted to begin my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Amy has not only given me the support I need but also the tools in which to be successful.

Her approach is different than other programs because she believes in treating the entire person, not just the weight issue. I am down 30 pounds in nearly three months. I am beginning to look better and feel better every day. My endurance during exercise has increased and I’m more confident to try different exercises than I was before.

I have a ways to go to reach my goal, but I’m confident I will make it. Amy has been there to answer questions, make suggestions, congratulate me on my milestones, and share recipes. I’m very grateful for her knowledge, commitment, and time.
— Carrie, Wallingford

Amy has been amazing to work with. She is truly gifted with what she does and her extensive background in healthcare and wellness puts her miles apart from anyone I have worked with before. Amy has helped transform my health and has given me insight on how to find my own motivation due to her true vibrant spirit. Her knowledge and awareness of total health has truly helped give me a new vision to my life and I have lost (and kept off) 25 pounds with her guidance in just 5 months.
— Sarah, Northford

Amy has helped me with so many of my anxieties and fears related to my health. I was diagnosed with cancer and was told that I would need surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. That alone made me feel completely upset and anxious.

I was able to work with Amy prior to surgery, in between my treatments and after, which helped my body heal as a whole. Her background as a Physical Therapist and Nurse helped tremendously with her understanding of my diagnosis, pain and anxiety. Her breathing knowledge has been a God sent.

I highly recommend anyone who is undergoing any medical treatments such as this to go see Amy. It is clear she loves what she does and will continue too help many.
— Lynn, Madison

I had the pleasure of working with Amy and decided to try hypnotherapy in an attempt to quit smoking. I had been a smoker for 20 plus years!

I was very nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, Amy made the whole situation extremely relaxing. She explained everything to me as to how we would work together to achieve my goals. Amy was able to teach me how to reroute my thoughts and it helped me open up other avenues and ways of thinking. Things I myself, have never really thought of.

To anyone looking for another way out, I would highly recommend Amy! And not just for smoking but for weight loss and stress relief, too.

It was great to be able to have someone calm me down so much and provide me
with the tools that gave me the ability to look past.
— Kasey, Meriden

I have really seen some amazing benefits after regular sessions with Amy and cupping therapy. Her knowledge of the body and how to help alleviate restrictions and pain has been very beneficial for me. I am able to move much more and pain free following her sessions.
— Lynne, Wallingford

Amy is one of a kind and truly understands the human body, especially mine! I trust her knowledge and each session she is able to evaluate me as a whole head to toe. I have had sessions with her involving hypnosis for weight loss, heart rate coherence training and meditation for calming, as well as cupping and energy balancing acupressure. Each time a session ends I feel much more clear, centered and grounded.

As a result of a few months with Amy, I am able to sleep much better, have less aches and pains, HAVE NOT needed to increase my medications for anxiety, have lowered my blood pressure and I am now able to view my life from a different angle.
— Elise, Cheshire

My wife and I attended Shoreline’s class on Tai Chi. It was such a pleasant experience. We had our own personal session with Gabriella and she was so friendly, knowledgeable and patient. She walked us through exercises slowly and with explanation. Gabriella also payed close attention to proper form and stance.

We really can see an improvement in our strength balance and flexibility. The sessions have been very relaxing, and we are signed up for the 3 months and eager to learn more!
— Steve, Wallingford

Amy’s intuitive sense for allowing me to understand what my body needs was amazing. I had heard through a friend of all she was doing. I booked an appointment and decided to have her guide me as to what I needed.

I participated in heart rate training and she incorporated this biofeedback technology into our sessions with acupressure body work. She provided me valuable insight over many sessions and helped me understand what I was feeling. Due to her Physical Therapy background, I also was able to pick her brain about a few things that were bothering me with my knees and she helped with that as well!

To date, I have not increased or added anymore medication! I would highly recommend this practice, as I have not found another that can compare. Truly grateful.
— Paul, Guilford

My life is so hectic..I was looking for a class to calm my mind and bring me back to center. I tried the Intro to Meditation class at Shoreline and loved it! Gabriella, one of the owners, guided the class by sharing the beginning of how to breathe and mindfulness. The gentle flow of the class helped me clear my head and set aside my busy day. If you are looking to start your path toward mindful living, this is definitely a class to take.
— T.H., Wallingford

I am a 76 year old who suffers from arthritis in my back that comes and goes. I went to see Amy because my back had been bothering me for over a week without much relief. I was going to Physical Therapy and had some relief but it wasn’t lasting. I had an evaluation and Auriculotherapy ear seeding with Amy and was amazed that 20 minutes later my pain went from a 6/10 to a 0/10! It also helped to ease the pain in the days forward and allowed me to tolerate a few more things with my Physical Therapy treatment.
— Nick, Madison

I had Auriculotherapy ear seeding with Amy and due to low back, hip and sciatic pain. My first session my pain was a 8/10 and shortly after treatment was a 2/10 for 5 days after. I am 44 years old and work long hours with manual labor on my feet. I was falling into the pattern of taking Tylenol and Motrin daily several times per day. This is a great treatment for someone who is looking to not rely on medication, lower or eliminate pain, and who is looking for a painless and non invasive treatment.
— B.A., Clinton

I am relieved to have found the services at Shoreline Alternative Therapies. Through their services of mindfulness and hypnosis coupled with brain mapping and Neurofeedback sessions, my son has become notably less anxious, more focused, more competent and happier. I was open to the process, but I am amazed at the results. I trust Amy and Gabriella, their knowledge, treatments and skills implicitly and recommend their practice with highest regard.
— Sarah B., Guilford

Having enrolled in a Tai Chi class for 6 months now at Shoreline Alternative Therapies, I can say quite simply that it is working for me. I feel more relaxed and balanced as I move through the “FORMS,” as they are called, and I am better focused and concentrating to improve my mental alertness.

I have Parkinson’s Disease and I feel strongly that Tai Chi helps my balance and my mental and physical well-being.

Gabriella Connolly and Amy Platt patiently guide us through our sessions and we enjoy being challenged to learn and fine tune our movements. Each session we improve and feel like we can continually get better, thanks to Gabriella and Amy.

Most importantly, we are being taught to focus and feel physically and mentally competent...important factors as we age.

This experience is most enjoyable and rewarding!

I am happy to recommend Shoreline Alternative Therapies to anyone.
— David C.

Since getting a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, I have spent the last six months with Amy Platt and Gabriella Connolly in a series of Tai Chi classes that have dramatically improved both my balance and focus. This has been a godsend by reducing the likelihood of a devastating fall. In addition, Amy and Gabriella are really nice people; their classes are fun and non-threatening as well as instructive. I recommend them without reservation.
— Bob T.